1) Our business is ready for substantial growth.
2) We invest time in understanding a potential customer’s business, allowing us to differentiate ourselves with creative thinking and solutions.
3) We actively recognize creativity and innovation at all levels – new ideas are freely shared and supported.
4) Employees understand our goals and know how to self-manage their efforts to personally contribute.
5) People excel at projects because they have the information and knowledge tools they need at their fingertips.
6) We publicly recognize acts of initiative and leadership.
7) Overall, I am satisfied with our bottom line performance.
8) We encourage people to explore new ways of doing things.
9) When I walk in the door of my company, I feel a “buzz” of enthusiasm and excited energy.
10) Cross-departmental teams form naturally around goals, led by employee strengths (rather than title).
11) We have strategies in place that manage and deepen customer relationships.
12) We are quick to adjust the allocation of human and capital resources to new priorities.

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