Is it time to move to the next level?

Are you ready to clear the way to get more done? Take a few minutes to complete the following assessment and get your score. Just select a number for each statement; your score will reveal at the end of the 12 questions.

1. Our business is ready for substantial growth.
2. We invest time in understanding a potential customer’s business, allowing us to differentiate ourselves with creative thinking and solutions.
3. We actively recognize creativity and innovation at all levels – new ideas are freely shared and supported.
4. Our goals are clear and people self-manage for maximum flexibility and leverage of talent.
5. We excel at what we do because we all have the information and knowledge tools we need at our fingertips.
6. We track projects and measure outcomes as a routine management process, so we know what’s working and what’s not.
7. Overall, we are satisfied with our bottom line performance.
8. We look for permanent solutions to problems, rather than “band-aids.”
9. When I walk in the door of my company, I feel a “buzz” of enthusiasm and excited energy.
10. We routinely address why obstacles are getting in our way, removing them to get stuff done.
11. We have strategies in place that manage and deepen customer relationships.
12. We are quick to re-allocate capital and human resources to new priorities for maximum flexibility.

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